My articles are formed around four main themes which reflect some key aspects of who I am:

- Wellbeing and mental health (my background in Psychology and experience of battling with depression and anxiety)

- Christianity, atheism, and science (the combination of growing up in a non-religious family but becoming a Christian in later life)

- Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (since I became a Christian I’m fascinated with trying to understand the ‘Old Testament’ and dialogue with Jewish perspectives on the Hebrew Bible)

-Culture, race, and politics (my background growing up in multicultural London and having a biracial marriage)

A collection of articles on depression, anxiety, burn out, drawing from the Bible and Church history. I also look at cultivating virtues like contentment and forgiveness which promote wellbeing.

These articles look at issues like science and secularism, Christianity and science, burden of proof.

These articles look at various topics related to the Hebrew Scriptures (atonement, nature of God, and Messianic prophecies).

These are a series of articles mainly on ethnicity, race, and political polarization viewed through a Christian worldview. These are emotive and controversial issues but I hope these promote understanding rather than fan the flames!

This section includes a look at authorship and sources of the Gospels as well as reflections on passages from the Gospels.

Nick Meader

My background is in psychology, epidemiology and medical statistics. I’m mainly discussing here theology, philosophy of religion and mental health.