Learning the Secret of Being Content

How the apostle Paul learned to be content in every situation

Unsatisfied and yet satisfied

In one sense, the Christian is the least satisfied person of all. Christ has enlarged our hearts so that nothing on earth could now fulfil us.

To subtract or add?

Our society teaches us the way to contentment is through addition. Companies can earn billions of dollars in monitoring our online activity.

Suffering: Remove or change our attitude?

We think if only we can remove our suffering, then we will be happy. But as Paul found, it is possible to be content in any circumstances.

A mystery of contentment is learning that God has a purpose for our suffering. Even if we do not know the specific reason for every act of suffering.

Our calling or our wants?

Christians often long to do ‘great things for God’. But the circumstances of life can frustrate us. We may lack the gifts, time or opportunity to serve God with the fruitfulness we desire.

Change our hearts or our circumstances?

Sometimes our circumstances can become unhealthy. We might be in an abusive relationship or in a job that doesn’t fit our skills or personality. The wise response is to get out.

I’m interested in the application of psychology to theology and Christian living.

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